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Leg 5 – Menace Brewing!

START: Wander Brewing – END: Menace Brewing

This leg will have you bouncing through the Sunnyland neighborhood north to Cornwall Park and through residential streets to Menace Brewing on Meridian.



We are a small neighborhood brewery in Bellingham, WA. We focus on clean, creative beers that can be enjoyed anytime. We currently operate on a 7bbl system and maintain 8 in house offerings. We also offer a rotating guest tap as well as cider and draught root beer.

Is this your leg?  You’ll wanna know this stuff.

Starting Location: Wander Brewing

When your teammate arrives from Kulshan Brewing, grab a high five and head out following the marked trail toward Menace Brewing.  Simple, right?

When you arrive at Menace Brewing…

…give your teammate a high five and proceed to the finishers table where you’ll be given a commemorative pint glass and four 3oz. beer tokens.  You can use these tokens for beer at Menace or at the end of race party at Depot Market Square.

Multi Leg Runners
If you are continuing your run to the next relay point, please check in with the relay table before moving along to Chuckanut Brewery.  You will pick up your pint glass and tokens at your last relay leg, and yes! you will get a pint glass and tokens for each leg you finish!